Opportunity for Pricing Consultants and Independent Sales Developers

Are you a pricing consultant or working on sales excellence? Are you helping clients with their marketing strategy? Join PriceBeam’s partner programme and deliver additional value to your clients within the pricing space by taking the guesswork out of what the right price should be.

PriceBeam offers a fantastic market research solution to allow companies to understand what their customers are willing to pay for a product or service. It is great for setting overall price, implementing price increases, launching in new markets or the introduction of new products.

Using Price Research to Assess Investments

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Pricing Power is key when it comes to assess how attractive a company investment is. If customers consider the product or service to be under-priced, then there is significant upside potential. If on the other hand customers consider the offerings to be over-priced, then the company is in trouble and either ripe for a turn-around or maybe not an attractive investment. With price research you will know and not have to guess.